Waste Collection & Recycling


  • recylce calendar
  • Allied Waste Recycles in the following areas:
    • Sunpeak
    • Bearhollow
    • Silver Summit
    • Old Ranch Rd

    For new recycling service in those areas please contact 435-615-3221.

    For an additional can or a replacement/damaged container please call 615-8311.

    Waste Collection

    Requesting a can for new residence please call:
    • Coalville Area: 435-336-3970
    • Park City Area: 435-615-3970
    • Kamas Area: 435-793-4351 ext 3970
    For a damaged/stolen can or if your trash was not picked up (residents have 24 hours to call it in)
    Please Contact Allied Waste at: 435-615-8311

    Trash pickup may be delayed due to inclement weather.

    Trash pickup scheduled on a holiday (Christmas, New Years Day, 4th of July and Thanksgiving) or the day after a holiday will be delayed a day.

    Allied Waste Contact Information
    • General Number: 435-615-8311
    • Fax Number: 435-615-8369