Landfill Info

Summit County Landfill Information Page


The Summit County Landfill will be accepting animal carcasses at NO COST between the dates of October 1, 2013 and October 31, 2013.

Any animal carcass is allowed, but this is an effort to encourage proper disposal of deer and elk carcasses so they don’t end up in our creeks, streams, and gullies. Thank-You for your participation

Description Fee
Animal Carcasses
No Feee Oct 1 - 31, 2013
Municipal Solid Waste $25.00/Ton $10.00 Minimum
Construction/Demolition $25.00/Ton $10.00 Minimum
Green Waste $25.00/Ton $10.00 Minimum
Refrigerator(anything containing Freon) $10.00/each.
Tires (Rim Size 0"-18") $2.00/each
Tires (Rim Size 19"-23") $4.00/each
Tires (Rim Size 24"+ includes Tractors & Equip.) $10.00/each
Metal Free
Houshold Hazardous Waste Free
Household E-Waste Free
Chipped Green Waste(sold to public) $25.00/scoop
Re-Use Item(sold to public) $5.00/each
All Loads are charged based on weight, except Freon containing units, tires, chipped green waste, and Re-Use items.
Commercial construction and green waste loads are prohibited from being deposited at the Three Mile Canyon Landfill.
Uncovered Loads are subject to double fees.
Commercial E-Waste and hazardous waste are prohibited

Dumpster Days are here again!
Accepting garbage and green waste (no plastic bags) in separate, supervised bins.

Dates & Time
April 25 & 26. 9 - 4 PM
May 30 & 5/31
June 27 & 28
July 25 & 26
August 29 & 30
September 26 & 27
October 24 & 25

Recycle Utah's Center on Woodbine Way, Park City

Free HHW Collection Day - May 3rd and October 11th. 9 - 12 PM

FREE thanks to the financial help from PCMC, Summit County and SBWRD. Thanks to our volunteers from PCFD, Sunrise Rotary and Stantec.

Location: Canyons Resort parking lot. Watch out for the signs!

  • Any - paint related items, automotive fluids, cleaning materials and any type of battery.
  • Automotive tires. Refrigerators & freezers. Electronic Waste - TVs, computers and more.
  • Fertilizers, garden chemicals and any mercury containing items.
  • Any expired prescription medication, old vitamins and any amount of sharps.

Landfill Locations

Three Mile Canyon Landfill

(435) 336-5297
6550 West Three Mile Canyon Road
Coalville UT 84017

Hours of Operation:

Open Monday – Saturday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Closed Sundays and New Years Day, the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas

Henefer Landfill

(435) 336-3338
2140 North Henefer Landfill Road
Henefer UT 84033

Hours of Operation:

Open Monday – Saturday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Closed on Holidays