Landfill Info

Summit County Landfill Information Page


Description Fee
Animal Carcasses
No Feee Oct 1 - 31, 2013
Municipal Solid Waste $25.00/Ton $10.00 Minimum
Construction/Demolition $25.00/Ton $10.00 Minimum
Green Waste $25.00/Ton $10.00 Minimum
Refrigerator(anything containing Freon) $10.00/each.
Tires (Rim Size 0"-18") $2.00/each
Tires (Rim Size 19"-23") $4.00/each
Tires (Rim Size 24"+ includes Tractors & Equip.) $10.00/each
Metal Free
Houshold Hazardous Waste Free
Household E-Waste Free
Chipped Green Waste(sold to public) $25.00/scoop
Re-Use Item(sold to public) $5.00/each
All Loads are charged based on weight, except Freon containing units, tires, chipped green waste, and Re-Use items.
Commercial construction and green waste loads are prohibited from being deposited at the Three Mile Canyon Landfill.
Uncovered Loads are subject to double fees.
Commercial E-Waste and hazardous waste are prohibited

Dumpster Days are here again!
Accepting garbage and green waste (no plastic bags) in separate, supervised bins.

Dates & Time
April 25 & 26. 9 - 4 PM
May 30 & 5/31
June 27 & 28
July 25 & 26
August 29 & 30
September 26 & 27
October 24 & 25

Recycle Utah's Center on Woodbine Way, Park City

Free HHW Collection Day - May 3rd and October 11th. 9 - 12 PM

FREE thanks to the financial help from PCMC, Summit County and SBWRD. Thanks to our volunteers from PCFD, Sunrise Rotary and Stantec.

Location: Canyons Resort parking lot. Watch out for the signs!

  • Any - paint related items, automotive fluids, cleaning materials and any type of battery.
  • Automotive tires. Refrigerators & freezers. Electronic Waste - TVs, computers and more.
  • Fertilizers, garden chemicals and any mercury containing items.
  • Any expired prescription medication, old vitamins and any amount of sharps.

Landfill Locations

Three Mile Canyon Landfill

(435) 336-5297
6550 West Three Mile Canyon Road
Coalville UT 84017

Hours of Operation:

Open Monday Saturday 8:00 am to 5:30 pm
Closed Sundays and New Years Day, the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas

Henefer Landfill

(435) 336-3338
2140 North Henefer Landfill Road
Henefer UT 84033

Hours of Operation:

Open Monday Saturday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
Closed on Holidays