1. Filming Information

    Filming Information

  2. Historical Sites

    Visit the numerous historical sites located within Summit County.

  3. Library

    Check out the county's Library website.

  4. Marriage Officiates

    Access a list of people who officiate marriage ceremonies.

  5. Municipalities in Summit County

    Easily access information about the municipalities in the county.

  6. Passport Status

    Your passport will normally take 4-6 weeks to be processed, view the status online.

  7. Primary Residency Exemptions

    Learn about exemptions for primary residency.

  8. Public Art

    Explore Summit County's public art program, opportunities, and art collections.

  9. Waste Collection & Recycling

    Discover who to contact about local waste collection and recycling needs.

  10. Special Event Information

    Event Information

  11. Summit County Fairgrounds Master Plan

    Updates on the Summit County fairgrounds development and master planning process. This site will update as the process continues to advance. Anticipated completion of new Fairgrounds facilities and expansion, December 2017.