1. About Summit County

    Learn about the county, including history, art, mission statement, and more.

  2. Business Directory

    Discover the different businesses that operate in the community.

  3. Calendar

    Find out what events are happening in the community.

  4. CommuterLink

    View the traffic around the community.

  5. Historical Sites

    Visit the numerous historical sites located within Summit County.

  6. Library

    Relax at the county library.

  7. Municipalities

    Access a list of the municipalities that make up Summit County.

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    Read the announcements released by the county.

  9. Park City Area Information

    Gather information about the Park City area.

  10. Photo Gallery

    Browse through photos of the community.

  11. Pinterest

    Get involved using the Summit County Pinterest account.

  12. Public Art

    Learn about the Summit County Public Art program, opportunities, and art collections.

  13. Summit County Fair

    Have fun at the Summit County Fair.