Historical Sites

  1. Coalville City

    Coalville City is home to local historical sites including the Echo Depot, historic homes, the county courthouse, and more.

  2. Echo Canyon Settlement

    The settlement of Echo Canyon contains a historical church, school, and post office.

  3. Francis Town

    The Town of Francis was similar to other frontier towns which contained hard working, persistent settlers.

  4. Henefer Town

    The town was named after the founders, William and James Henefer.

  5. Hoytsville Settlement

    The Hoytsville Settlement has changed names and is currently unincorporated.

  6. Kamas City

    Kamas City has a unique history, is home to Rhodes Valley Fort, and the Kamas Theater.

  7. Marion Settlement

    Historical sites like the Myrick House and Kamas Valley Co-op are located in the Marion Settlement.

  8. Oakley City

    Discover historic sites in Oakley City including the church, town hall, and rodeo grounds.

  9. Park City

    Park City has a historic main street, schools, and churches.

  10. Peoa Settlement

    Read about the unincorporated settlement and the various historical sites it contains.

  11. Snyderville Settlement

    Check out historical sites in Snyderville including Atkinson School, Ecker Hill, and Kimballs Hotel.

  12. Upton Settlement

    Discover the history of this unincorporated settlement.

  13. Wanship Settlement

    Check out the history present within the Wanship Settlement.

  14. Woodland Settlement

    Learn about the unincorporated Woodland Settlement.